Frequent Questions

ThermaMec Frequent Questions

Frequently asked questions to help you enjoy your ThermaMec.

We always recommend that you read the user instructions thoroughly before use.

Q. My ThermaVMec is not working like it normally does. What can I do?

A. You may need to update your firmware. Please follow this link to our tutorial on how to do this.

Q. The ThermaMec phone case does not fit onto my phone correctly?

A.The ThermaMec iPhone 5 model will only fit onto the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, it will not fit onto the iPhone 5c as the outer case of the iPhone 5c is not compatible with the ThermaMec case.

Q. Why isn't the green light flashing when charging?

A. For this to happen the mode switch on the back must be in the central position.

Q. I've attached the ThermaMec to my phone but it's not being recognised by the App.

A. Please ensure that the ThermaMec is fitted properly onto the phone. Once this has been done please turn the ThermaMec and App off and on again to restart.

Q. Sometimes the App freezes when I leave it suddenly or turn the ThermaMec off and on quickly.

A. To avoid this please start up and shut down the App and ThermaMec properly. Should this occur simply turn the ThermaMec and App off and then restart.

Q. Can I use the ThermaMec with a working iPhone 5/5s but has no SIM?

A. Yes you can. This is very useful when you want a dedicated thermal imaging camera and don't really need the phone. Plus it's a great use for an old phone! To transfer your images you would have to download them directly to your computer or use Wi-Fi to email them.

Q. Can I leave the ThermaMec on my phone all of the time?

A. Yes you can. This can prove very useful, particularly with the iPhone 5 model

Q. Will the ThermaMec drain my phone battery?

A. The ThermaMec has it's own battery so does not drain the phone battery to work. Using the App will use some of the phone battery like all Apps.

Q. Will the iPhone charge when the ThermaMec charges if they are attached to each other?

A. Yes.  If you leave the ThermaMec attached to your phone, once the ThermaMec has charged it will then charge your iPhone battery.

Q. I can't download the App.

A. Please ensure your iPhone's software is version 7.1.1 or higher.

Q. I don't understand the mode switch.

A. When the mode switch is in the up position it is off. In the middle position it is on or if it has been unused for a long time it will have gone onto standby, so would need switching off and on again. The last position is used for tuning the ThermaMec as directed on the App. Simply pull down and hold in the lower position for three seconds to tune.