Thermal imaging reporting software

Make the invisible visible with your thermal imaging camera and the ThermaFY app. 


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Easy to use thermal imaging software where you can perform a full heating survey, add notes to thermal images, take spot temperatures and quickly convert the information into professional reports, in real time on your phone.

The ThermaFY app simplifies taking, storing, managing and analysing your thermal images, giving you new insights and intelligence from your images and building real business value:

Increase overall efficiency
Deliver faster results
Perform full heating system surveys
Create timelines for simpler comparison to identify changes

Download ThermaFY on the App Store.

The ThermaFY App and associated cloud service improves the efficiency of thermagraphic surveys and the quality of the results and outcomes.

The application enables the user to capture, edit and upload selected images and jobs to the ThermaFY cloud service for analysis, management and reporting. 


Analysis of temperature data within thermal images
Effortless job management file system
Real time, on the job solutions
File sharing – for customers and colleagues
Historical timelines to show how identified problems have changed
Cloud storage with full visit history saved against each asset

Easy to use web dashboard to:
view all data, collate information, and compare issues/assets
Share jobs and images with other users in your network
Send detailed reports to customers

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