Thermal Imaging Camera for iPhone 5/5s

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If  you have always wanted to try out thermography but never been able to afford it? Our iPhone 5 model fits easily onto the back of your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S and turns it into a thermal camera!

It looks and feels very similar to a conventional case for a phone, it simply clips directly onto the iPhone and uses its dual thermal camera and digital camera system - in combination with the app - to take thermal images with enhanced digital detail.

Incorporating a normal camera lense with the thermal lense, this technology, known as FLIR MSX, extracts the details from a digital image and directly blends it together with a thermal image. This makes it significantly easier to see what the camera was pointing at, allowing objects to be easily identified.

Providing users with the incredible ability to see temperature variations smaller than a tenth of a degree, the technology enables a host of practical applications, from identifying energy inefficiencies and water leaks in a home, to enabling safe and enjoyable outdoor exploration